Discovering The Best Bed Bug Exterminator Toronto Can Offer

Discovering the Best Bed Bug Exterminator Toronto Can Offer

When uncovering the horrifying discovery of a bed bug infestation, seeking out the best bed bug exterminator Toronto has to offer, can be challenging.

There are plenty of bed bug companies to choose from, evaluate the information on various websites, and read endless reviews from both happy and dissatisfied customers.

But what else goes along with seeking out the best bed bug exterminator Toronto has available? There is the general hassle of obtaining the bed bug exterminator cost from each company. All while wondering why is there such a wide variation of quotes? Should I go with the more expensive quote to be certain of success? Does a lower cost equate to a lower quality job?

So what are some of the attributes that make Swift-X Pest Control stand out from other bed bug companies? We are continuously gathering customer feedback, and here are a few common themes:

  1. Overall lower cost in relation to the method used, and guarantee provided: Swift-X is aware of most of the competition’s bed bug extermination cost and overall service. We strive to deliver the best method, customer service, and guarantee at the lowest cost point that makes sense for our business. The quotes do vary slightly based on the size of the home, number of occupied bedrooms, and whether it is a commercial vs. residential property.
  2. Beginning to end customer nurturing: We are listing this as #1 since it is mentioned by our customers most frequently. Some of them have something to compare, as they’ve been through a past infestation and dealt with other bed bug exterminators. Others who have chosen Swift-X as their first, have expressed their satisfaction of experiencing positive interactions with the owner directly, or staff.
  3. Effective and long-lasting treatment: Being an owner operated business, we have the flexibility to test many variations and procedures which has led to the most efficient method to date. We are truly accountable for our actions, and always have the goal of eliminating all bed bug infestations in one visit. Swift-X does not take for granted the fact that an infestation can be very complicated. In these cases, a second touch up visit is required if there is still activity present. We are also aware of the constant evolving resistance of bed bugs in Toronto. For this reason, we never assume that one treatment method will still be effective one year from now.
  4. Thorough follow up after the treatment: This ties into the point above. It is our custom and common courtesy to check in with our customers in the days and weeks following the initial appointment. We feel that customers should never have to chase anyone down or wait to receive a phone call. Swift-X prefers to be proactive and make sure the customers feel they are well taken care of.