How do I know if I have a carpet beetle infestation, and do I need an exterminator to get rid of them?

If you are seeing more than just a few carpet beetles crawling around your home, this is a good indication that an infestation has started, or has existed for a while. Carpet beetles tend to feed on most fabric types, such as carpet, wool, felt, leather, the bottom mesh of your sofa or box spring (bed), etc. If the problem persists for longer than a couple of weeks, then a professional exterminator would be the next best step. It is possible to only see a few carpet beetles here and there, even if there are hundreds nesting within your dwelling.


Do I need to know the type of carpet beetle before contacting an exterminator?

The short answer is, no. And when viewing pictures online of different carpet beetles, some of them may look the same. Not to worry, most treatments are similar across various carpet beetles, involving a high quality residual spray application. We typically receive the most booking-requests for most common carpet beetle (tiny, and black in colour when in full adult stage).

For more information on identifying the carpet beetles in your home, along with a strategy for extermination, give us a call anytime to speak to an expert.