bed bugs Toronto psychological effects

Bed Bugs Playing With Your Mind

Bed bugs in the Toronto area have existed for years, and continue to be a growing problem. The psychological effects tend to take a greater toll on any individual, more than the actual bites.

Many cases are reported daily from various regions in Toronto regarding the extent of the infestations and the damage wrought. Small they may be, but they can turn your life upside down before you know it, and lead to severe psychological consequences.

Bed bugs are not considered deadly because they do not transfer fatal diseases. The infections caused by these parasites can be easily treated, and are mostly cured within a week. Sometimes, you won’t even need dedicated treatment; this condition may vary from person to person.

It may seem that a bed bug infestation is no big deal – a little bit of pain and irritation, an inconvenient extermination procedure, and some extra expense. Though these discomforts are easily bearable, the sleepless nights and the psychological impact it can have is not. Bed bugs may infect you mentally more than they do physically; itching, irritation and marks are just the start. They will take the comfort out of your days, and the rest out of your nights. This may lead to different mental issues such as anxiety, emotional distress, insomnia and stress.

As soon as you start experiencing these symptoms, you will definitely want to tell your landlord or call for pest control services, specifically companies specializing in bed bug extermination. From this point, packing and gathering your household items in one place is a hectic job. In some cases, people fear that the bugs may survive within the belongings they have packed.

Paranoia often follows. Bed bug victims feel highly sensitive as if something just bit them, even when this is not the case. When the extermination process is complete, the infested person can generally remain unsatisfied. People usually fear to unpack their stuff as they fear the bugs may have survived and will make a new home. They are frightened to use public benches, street furniture. Sometimes, they even avoid going to new places for fear of infestations, or bringing bed bugs home again.

The worst psychological effect that bed bugs leave behind is the sleeplessness – staying awake all night, due to the constant anxiety. Victims become so paranoid, that even if their own clothing touches their body, they will assume it to be a bed bug. These are not just fragments of mental issues, these are serious problems. Bed bug infestation is wrongly perceived as an embarrassment in our community, and that is why people hesitate or avoid consultation over this bed bug phobia. Due to this infantile perception of our society, people have faced deadly consequences.

A case was published in May 2013 about a patient who committed suicide. She experienced mental turmoil for a very long time, but the bed bug infestation triggered it to the peak.

People should not be reluctant or embarrassed to consult a doctor for any cause, no matter how small it seems to be. Health is a treasure, never compromise on it. Take care of your health and leave the bed bug extermination to the professionals, such as Swift-X Pest Control. Get fast and effective treatment today and rid your mind of the worry for good.