bed bug crawling carpet

Many bed bug removal professionals still use methods that are not as effective, in the face of increasing resistance of bed bugs. We have evolved our methods to remain 100% effective, while still allowing for a partial natural treatment.

Swift-X Pest Control is a bed bug removal expert, applying a 3 part treatment method that contains powder in the crevices/wall outlets, interceptors around the bed frame, plus a residual surface application that will last a few months. The application is child and pet safe, and odorless.

When it comes to bed bug removal, some experts tend to schedule 2 applications, spanning 2 weeks apart. From our own experience and research, these treatments are likely to be effective, however, we have switched to a more thorough application, using a higher quality treatment. This has translated into much better results, allowing our 3 month guarantee to stand firm for all clients. Many pest control products tend to break down quickly over time, rendering them less effective, which is why Swift-X invests in a higher quality application, while providing the customer with the assurance that we will return without question, if needed.

Any bed bugs found nesting directly on the infested furniture, mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and night stands, can be eliminated immediately. The remaining ones hiding behind the walls, baseboards, and electrical outlets usually pose the greatest concern, as they need to be drawn out to crawl across the treated areas. Since bed bugs are attracted to humans (heat), they will not stay in hiding for an extended period, as they will to come out to eat sooner than later. Swift-X Pest Control, a bed bug removal Toronto professional, utilizes an effective residual application that is invisible and undetected by the bed bugs to ensure that they do not avoid it, and crawl across these areas, leading to their deaths. We understand how critical it is to completely surround the perimeter, and all areas where bed bugs will crawl to reach their destinations.

We have also posted samples of photos from actual bed bug extermination jobs, if you need some guidance on what to look for.

Once you are ready to book your appointment, please be sure to read up on the Proper Preparation For You Bed Bug Exterminator. Once you are comfortable with the preparation steps and committed to the process, then it is time to schedule a bed bug removal expert to come to your home. Always keep in mind that the actual removal method can be limited to the amount of (or lack of) preparation done beforehand.